ProgiCom : Smart Scheduling Solution

ProgiCom provides Smart Scheduling Solution and Professional Mobile Apps solutions that will increase productivity and efficiencies in your daily business operations.

ProgiCom is South Africa’s preferred provider delivering high value and competitive edge for our customers, ensuring proof of service, performance monitoring resulting in increased customer satisfaction and ROI.

With over 200,000 users worldwide, ProgiCom has a proven track record in the optimization, planning, time & attendance, transport traceability with secure mobile technology solutions.

ProgiCom provides Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions to supervise and secure your mobile fleet.


ProgiCom Network represents


200,000+ users

200 millions tasks
tracked in real time

300 millions employee time stamp
with NFC technology


Professional Mobile Apps

  • For the cleaning industry
  • For Hygiene
  • For Security
  • For Asset managment
  • For Field management & Quality control
  • For Home Care and Services

Routing and Planning Solutions

  • For FMCG Dry & Perishable
  • For Gas and Petrochemical delivery (multi-compartment)
  • For Animal feed delivery & Dairy collecting (multi-compartment & multi-trailer)
  • For Security carriers
  • For Retail & Media/Newspaper
  • For Services : cleaning, hygiene, technical team, ...