Professional Mobile Solutions for employees on the move

ProgiCom - Professional Mobile Solutions

Every employee, regardless of their background or experience, can easily interact with our professional mobile applications’ intuitive designs.

  • Supervisor can interact in real time with the team
  • Supervisors access real time and accurate reporting to manage tasks and planning
  • Employee performance productivity is enhanced with smart schedules and optimized reporting tool
  • Paper free solution

Management Team / Supervisor

  • Through the back office (ERP) the supervisor is able to manage is team in real time: Schedules - Missions (edit, add and delete mission) - the Tasks, ...
  • Remote communication tools to easily keep in touch with field resources
  • High-end tracking technologies monitoring task completion (NFC technology, QrCode, GPS,..)
  • Real time geo-localization of teams
  • Simple data synchronization with collaborative business applications (CRM, planning / management, ERP ...)
  • Costs efficiencies management via mobile network interactions
  • Guest portal
  • Straightforward customization of the interface


Field operations

Mobile solutions for team leaders and inspectors

  • Supervision mobile application
  • Dynamic forms
  • Real time reporting
  • Photo
  • Signature
  • Built-in navigator (Google Maps) to optimize the itinerary
  • Work history available in a click
  • PMS (Private Messaging System) to exchange with colleagues and managers

Mobile solutions for employees

  • Schedule management and maintenance
  • Optimized task visualization
  • Reporting made easy with a single mobile app
  • Traceability with QrCode, GPS, NFC, eBeacon,
  • Built-in navigator (Google Maps) to optimize the trip
  • Work history available in a click
  • PMS (Private Messaging System) to exchange with colleagues and managers
ProgiCom - Professional Mobile Solutions


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mobile solutions.

Looking for a cost effective solution with more flexibility?

ProgiCom BYOD is the ideal cost effective solution by uploading your professional application on the personal smartphones of your employees.
No more worries about loss or misuse of your mobile fleet.