Routing solution


ProgiDis Routing Solution

Simplifying complex distribution models


From SMEs to large companies and regardless of the activity sectors, Progidis helps you to plan, schedule, monitor in real time and supervise the financial management of your routes. The most flexible solution to efficiently manage your transport problems, reduce your costs and offer a quality service to your customers.

Complete modular solution, customizable for scheduling, optimization and tracking route execution in real-time. Build and manage optimized route plans considering all your logistical and regulatory constraints. Progidis is a powerful solution and tool for decision makers using optimization algorithms which are today the most efficient on the market.


All our smart optimization solutions are compatible with Professional Mobile Solutions.


Benefits :

  • Manage your constraints

  • Route compliance management

  • Reduce your costs

  • Improve your quality of services.

  • Gain efficiencies

  • Improve your ROI ( return on investment)

A solution for each business

  • Field Service Management

  • FMCG Dry & Perishable

  • Animal feed, Gas and Petrochemical delivery (multi-compartment)

  • Dairy collecting (multi-compartment & multi-trailer )

  • Security carriers

  • Raw material

  • Automotive

  • Media/Newspaper

  • Retail

  • Services : cleaning, hygiene, technical team, asset management, quality control,...